Name: Asa Bhuiyan

Where are you from? Originally from Elmhurst, NY (my family is from Bangladesh) and now in Astoria–still Queens!

Fun fact: I have a deep love for mixed martial arts and the UFC.

What do you do at Farmacy? As the Social Media Manager I work on ideation, content creation, execution, working with influencers and engaging with our social community to build trust and a lasting relationship.

Farmacy product must-have: Honey Savior I love hybrid products and this salve is particularly nourishing for my dry skin and eczema. I love to apply on my cheeks for glowy, dewy skin.

The Best Beauty Advice I Ever Received: When you don’t feel beautiful or you’re having a bad skin day/week, look at your life and ask yourself if you are happy and what is weighing you down.

Skin is never just about the right products and routine, it’s about balance and what’s going on inside.

The weirdest beauty “thing” I’ve ever tried: Snail mask, placenta hair mask…there’s nothing I won’t try once.

One thing you want Farmacy fans to know: Farmacy products are created and filled in house. We have direct access to our farms and labs. That is really unheard of for most beauty brands.

Are you a city girl or a country girl? What’s your favorite thing about each? City girl in attitude and country girl at soul. The city is what made me strong and resilient – taught me to never settle. The country is where I need to go and be to reconnect with what matters most.

Barefaced or Makeup Lover? Barefaced with a brownish-nude blush or bronzer…I need something on my cheeks!

Must-follow social media account or blog? I must say @grittypretty, because Aussies just do it better and @haatichai because it’s Bengali jewelry tradition mixed with modern, sexy west coast vibes.


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