Name: Sharon Kim

Where are you from/ Where are you now? I grew up in Long Island, NY aka STRONG ISLAND. I live in Jersey now.

Fun fact about you? I went on an overnight camping trip in the Sahara desert. We arrived at the campsite via camel.

What do you do at Farmacy? I am the marketing coordinator at Farmacy Beauty. I’m the worker bee… no pun intended. I have my hand in every (honey) pot, from assisting our product develeopment team to the SVPs of sales and marketing.

Your Personal Farmacy product must-have/ Why you love it: Honey Savior is a HUGE staple in my regular skincare routine. I have a ton of dry spots that need some extra lovin’, and the Savior delivers! Secret tip: I like to mix in New Day to create a hydrating scrub when I need exfoliation.

The Best Beauty Advice I Ever Received: WEAR SPF DAILY. Summer or winter, rain or shine. Sunscreen should be a daily staple in all skincare routines. I hated wearing it as a kid because it was so goopy, sticky and worst of all, the scent was horrible. As an adult, I am now paying for my stubbornness with tons of freckles and sunspots. Today, I reapply as if my life depended on it.

The weirdest beauty “Thing” I’ve ever tried: I went to a wedding a couple years back, and one of the bridesmaids told me about something called a “lash perm.” It’s an alternative to eyelash extensions. It’s an amazing experience with stunning results. I have long lashes, but they’re so straight and pinch my eyes, so this is a great option for me. Plus, it’s a “life hack” to the fresh doe-eye look without the mascara & lash curler.

One thing you want Farmacy fans to know (brand/skincare or Farmacy related)? The Farmacy team is amazing. Our methodology is a little different than other companies. We’re always helping each other, collaborating and innovating and coming up with new ideas to improve the brand.

Are you a city girl or a country girl? What’s your favorite thing about each? I’m totally a city girl. I love the hustle and bustle of the city. There’s always something new and exciting to explore; speakeasies, new art installations, and yummy fusion restaurants. It’s limitless. (Bonus: You can get pizza at all hours of the night.) One of my favorite things to do in the countryside is stargazing. It’s incredibly peaceful.

Barefaced or Makeup Lover? I love wearing makeup but am super lazy about application. I try to look for ways to cut down my makeup application time. I’m all about beauty hacks.

Must-follow social media account or blog? (something you never miss a post from) I really love my friend’s Instagram account – @foundbygrace_. She’s a former art teacher that left the education system to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time artist. On her IG she posts amazing illustrations and then teaches you how to recreate the drawings in whatever medium she uses.


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