Name: Lisa Jasper

Where are you from/ Where are you now?: I’m from the suburbs of New York City. I moved back a couple of years ago to give my kids, Teddy and Ruby, a little fresh air.

Fun fact about you? I plant an enormous edible garden every summer. We do cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, arugula, peas, fairytale eggplant, carrots, peppers, radishes, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and herbs. I’m also absolutely amazing at parallel parking.

What do you do at Farmacy?: In the early days, I helped launch Farmacy’s social channels (I’m sure I’ve chatted with most of you at some point!) As the team “unicorn wrangler”, I now work in the fun spaces between marketing disciplines- social strategy, brand development, collaborations and PR to help bring the brand to life.

Your Personal Farmacy product must-have/ Why you love it: I wouldn’t want to live without Green Screen. I’m super fair and get aggressively freckle-y, and the kids are marshmallows. Every single member of my family gets coated in it before they leave the house each day, and they don’t fight me like they used to with the sticky kid sunscreen.

The Best Beauty Advice I Ever Received: I’m a longtime yogi, and it’s taught me that our insides match our outsides. I try to remind myself to stop frowning, relax my face and breathe when I’m challenged. It works both ways- being conscious of relaxing physically helps relieve mental stress, and not being so scrunched up means less deep furrows on my face.

The weirdest beauty “Thing” I’ve ever tried:  Let’s just say that I’m pretty sure pound for pound my eye cream costs more than my car.

One thing you want Farmacy fans to know (brand/skincare or Farmacy related)?  “Science” is not a dirty word. We use science to supercharge all of the green goodness in our products, making them smarter and stronger.

Are you a city girl or a country girl? What’s your favorite thing about each? I’m a weekday city girl, and a weekend country girl. I can navigate New York with my eyes closed, love to travel – just give me a map and I’m good– and am happy when things are loud and chaotic. But on the weekends I want to curl up in the cabin in the woods with Scrabble, a roaring fire and a big pile of books.

Barefaced or Makeup Lover? I feel like I always LOOK barefaced, but I won’t leave the house without brows and mascara.

Must-follow social media account or blog? I keep up with breaking news on Twitter (I’m a publicist first and foremost), but for fashion, Manrepeller. It makes me so happy that she’s made it ok to dress for yourself and not others. I also love – it’s some of the funniest fashion commentary around.  And anything Chrissy Teigen. Always Chrissy Teigen.



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