Come Together—9 Product Collabs We Love

January 29, 2018

Come Together—9 Product Collabs We Love

Brand collaborations are cause for celebration because when two like-minded companies put their heads together, there is guaranteed to be a fantastic outcome. Many brands decide to align with organizations that have similar goals and mantras and they choose to share their creativity and unique expression with one another. Collaborations are all about celebrating differences and appreciating the things that each brand loves and strives for and finding how one brand personality can perfectly complement another.

That being said, there have been some unbelievably great product collaborations pop up recently that we absolutely adore. From shoes, greeting cards, raincoats, and even cast iron pots—creativity seems to have no limit when it comes to the way these brands have come together to build these beautiful, thoughtful products.

Below are eight of our favorite collaborations (including one of our own!) that we think truly showcase just how successful the coming together of different artistic communities can be. Each brand collaboration highlights the beauty of artistic ability and creativity when two seemingly unrelated brands make something great.

Farmacy X Satya Jewelry

Naturally, our partnership with the incredible Satya Jewelry is among our current favorite collab. Every piece of jewelry created by Satya Jewelry is inspired by the healing powers of nature—a belief very much in line with Farmacy’s love and use of all-natural ingredients. Our collaboration with Satya includes our Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask and a gorgeous bracelet with honeyed jade and tiger eye with a small pendant showcasing the Echinacea GreenEnvy™ flower, Farmacy’s super ingredient.

Another reason we adore Satya Jewelry is because of their generosity; they even donate a percentage of their sales to several incredible charities. This collaboration encourages coherence and balance and urges you to take care of yourself with both a fantastic mask and with the power of meditation. Together, Farmacy and Satya celebrate consciousness, peace, and mindfulness.

Dirty Lemon X Vogue

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Direct-to-consumer beverage brand Dirty Lemon has become well-known for their lemon-based health drinks. Their different beverages include boosts of different products like collagen, ginseng, charcoal, matcha, and rose. Dirty Lemon is committed to making delicious drinks that the consumer can be sure are safe and productive for their body. Their formulas also increase mental alertness, assist in stimulating metabolic rates, encourage fat burn, and provide amino acids and antioxidants.

It was recently announced that Dirty Lemon will be collaborating with iconic fashion brand Vogue, for an exclusive new drink. Rumor has it that the new drink will include pure lemon, fresh ginger, acerola, hibiscus flower, ocean minerals, and sea salt. Fittingly, this fabulous new drink will be branded in a glittery gold bottle. The partnership comes at a perfect time, being that Vogue announced their theme for January is “Wellness.”

Keds X Rifle Paper Company

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There are so many reasons to fall in love with this collaboration as the Florida-based stationery boutique Rifle Paper Company breathes a whole new life into the classic Keds shoe. A lot of the prints incorporate bold floral patterns with some beautiful gold detail to give it an extra kick.

Keds has been known for their simple canvas shoes since 1916 and Rifle Paper Company has made a name for themselves with their daring prints and colors. The harmony between these brands makes for beautiful and elegant (but still appropriate for every day) sneakers. It’s the first time Rifle Paper Company has collaborated with a footwear brand and we’re hoping it won’t be their last.

Ace & Jig for Land of Nod

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If you’re not familiar with Ace & Jig, they are a clothing line known for their use of yarn-dyed woven textiles from India and everything in the collection is an artisan-crafted fabric and feels completely natural. Even more interesting, Ace & Jig’s original mission was to create a season-less women’s clothing line from their own fabric. Their designs can be worn in many different ways and are long lasting.

Land of Nod has their own interesting backstory as their roots originate from two parents who were frustrated by the lack of quality and design often found in children’s furniture. To remedy this, they decided to take it upon themselves to create sturdier and safer furniture for children. Through a great deal of hard work and dedication, their children’s furniture was eventually incorporated into the Crate & Barrel family, which helped make their products more widely available.

Similar to their parent company, Land of Nod is passionate about creating safe, high-quality furniture for families. Land of Nod also sources their products carefully, making sure that the artisans who are producing their furnishings are receiving livable wages in a safe work environment.

Crate & Barrel’s children’s line, The Land of Nod picked the perfect partner for an exclusive, limited edition line. The choice to work with Ace & Jig has been quite successful as the pieces crafted from the collaboration are gorgeous. The mix between quality, trusted furniture and the incredibly gorgeous designs from Ace & Jig was an appropriate and beautiful approach.

Stutterheim X Marni

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Creativity and individuality is alive and well with the Stutterheim and Marni collaboration.

Stutterheim is already a brand we trust; their iconic rubberized cotton and double-welded seams make for some of the best raincoats on the market. Such a fantastic company would naturally work with like-minded brands and Marni was a great choice for their Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Italian luxury brand Marni brought a lot of inspiration from bold, contrasting colors from the world of sportswear to the Stutterheim line. The coats produced incorporate a lot of shapes and geometric patterns as well, adding even more to the uniqueness of this collection.

Stutterheim is known for their fantastic raincoats and they turned to Marni to bring a big sense of uniqueness to the line. The color-blocked raincoats really make a statement and are perfect for expressing yourself, even on the cloudiest of days.

Le Creuset for Pottery Barn Kids

As a company, Le Creuset and their timeless, bright cast iron cookware strive to continuously refine and make their pieces more functional. The brand is committed to making their products gorgeous in hopes of spreading joy. They know that families come together in the kitchen and they want to be a part of that happiness.

Similarly, Pottery Barn Kids was founded in hopes of creating well-made furniture for children. Two mothers founded the brand in 1999 and ever since, they’ve been on a mission to make pieces that are comfortable, safe, stylish, and of the best quality.

Classic Le Creuset cookware is now kid-approved thanks to their adorable collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids. What we love about this partnership is the eagerness to teach kids skills they can apply to real life, allowing them to work with real items that are safe and functional.

Cabana for Paperless Post

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Whoever said that the print and digital worlds couldn’t get along? Paperless Post has been known to work with some pretty awesome brands (like Kate Spade), but their collaboration with Cabana might be the best one yet.

Paperless Post wants their customers to take advantage of technology to help power their design. They’re serious about the design and development of their products and want to help their (now millions of) customers express themselves with elegant designs for all of those important moments in life.

Cabana is an interiors magazine that is produced twice annually. The magazine is based in London and does quite well at standing out from the competition as they strive for their designs to be out of place and unordinary. Overall the aesthetic is very chic, yet somehow traditional and worn.

Cabana magazine also strives for ultimate creativity and expressiveness, which is why this collaboration works so well. The essence of Cabana is elegant and the Paperless Post hit’s the nail on the head with this by incorporating these incredible designs on their products.

Colorhouse and Serena & Lily

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A brand like Colorhouse does more than just produce paints—they have a company mantra that they truly, deeply believe in and practice in everything they create. Colorhouse is a women-owned sustainable brand that is always looking for ways to be greener, while practicing different environmental and social values in the workplace. They believe in integrity, producing only quality products that are safe for people and the planet. Above all, they’re committed to collaborating with fantastic artists and showcasing their talents, like they successfully did with Serena & Lily.

If you’re not familiar with Serena & Lily, they are a home and lifestyle brand that really practices uniqueness and individual style and taste. The brand encourages people to let their own love for interior design shine through, ignoring the rules and doing whatever makes them happy.

Colorhouse paints decided to spice things up a bit by collaborating with Serena & Lily. Serena & Lily is known for having original textiles and unique color and design and the collaboration brought us 108 signature shades, all crafted by Serena herself.

Tory Burch X Fitbit

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There’s no doubt that Tory Burch is a big name in fashion, with a large catalog of shoes, handbags, accessories, watches, and home items. Tory Burch’s beautiful designer products are luxurious and incredibly desirable. Essentially, Tory Burch’s pieces are made for women who have a strong hold of their personal style and it’s refreshing to see a brand like Tory Burch working with Fitbit to encourage others to lead healthier lifestyles.

Tory Burch’s collaboration with Fitbit was an incredibly good move. Fitbit is dedicated to helping people live healthy lives and focus on their fitness, which their accessories encourage wearers to do so with ease.

While Fitbit has become one of the top players in the fitness tracking industry, their products are not quite known for being “elegant” going-out pieces. That’s where Tory Burch stepped in. Their take on Fitbits look like heavy-duty bangle bracelets. These Fitbits don’t look as bulky or sporty as they usually do and can be perfectly transitioned from day to night.

Seeing brand collaborations come to life is exciting, especially when those brands share the same core values. Many of these partnerships share similar goals, rooted in creativity, individuality, sustainability, and all-around goodness to others and the earth. Some of the best products are born out of great minds coming together to create something beautiful.

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