Farmacy Five: Elizabeth Corkery of Print Club Ltd.

March 16, 2017

Farmacy Five: Elizabeth Corkery of Print Club Ltd.

We believe that people are most attractive when they exhibit their very own special sense of style. That’s just one of the reasons we love Sydney-born artist Elizabeth Corkery’s Print Club Ltd., which connects customers with fresh, contemporary, limited edition prints. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Print Club Ltd. features fine art silkscreen prints by both Elizabeth and select artists with whom she chooses to partner and feature. Cody Hoyt, Stephanie Specht, Jonathan Ryan Storm and Mary MacDougal are among her collaborators.

All prints are hand-pulled by Elizabeth herself in her Providence studio, and subjects range from abstract, geometric studies, to funky florals to glitzy, poppy, modified close-ups of gems. Each image is printed on 100 % acid-free cotton printmaking paper, embossed, and hand-numbered.

Yet another reason to like Elizabeth is her commitment to the culture of printmaking and fellow artists, which she supports with her Print Swap Project. Fellow artists are invited to get in touch with both a request for a favored print and a proposed piece of their own to offer in exchange; Elizabeth reserves a few extra from each run specifically for this purpose.

Head to Print Club now to find your next distinctive print, and of course, check out Elizabeth’s Farmacy Five interview, below!

What does living well mean to you?

Making time to see the people I love as much as possible. Traveling and changing up my environment. Feeding my body with the highest quality, ethical produce I can and dressing my body with the highest quality, ethical products I can.

What brings you joy?

Laughing out loud and being able to make my partner laugh out loud.

How do you find balance?

In some ways, I think “balance” can be in your own head, and deciding that things are “in balance” can sometimes be enough to get you there. I’ve decided that 2017 is going to be the year I embrace ambiguity and be comfortable having each day pan out differently. At one point, I would make myself feel like if things weren’t going “according to plan” that I was somehow dropping the ball, but I’ve just decided to embrace the juggle and enjoy the unpredictability — definitely the antidote to monotony!

Where do you go to recharge?

It’s not a specific place but whenever possible I like to make walking a big part of my daily routine. My thoughts can wander and expand as I fall into the familiar rhythm of one foot in front of another.

What is your beauty regimen?

I only really wear makeup if I’m going out (or in New York!) and so try and focus on keeping my skin clear and sun-protected. I wash with a charcoal soap daily and mix it up with an exfoliant a couple of days a week along with a clay-based mask that really helps with pesky breakouts. I get my hair colored every three months or so and because it’s getting bleached I try and put a moisturizing hair mask on every week or two to keep it from getting totally fried out.

What is your favorite Farmacy product?

I’ve really been loving the Sleep Tight night cream, particularly during this time of year when the heating in my apartment can dry out my skin overnight. The texture is very dewy and sustains a finish that wouldn’t be ideal during the day but it’s perfect for waking up with beautifully-hydrated skin.

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