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Soul Camp In the Farmacy Five Spotlight

October 27, 2015

Soul Camp In the Farmacy Five Spotlight

This week in the Farmacy Five spotlight we connect with two girls with exponential beauty and soul.

Michelle Goldblum and Ali Leipzig, founders of Soul Camp, a sleepaway camp for adults. It channels all the transformative and positive experiences that kids experience at summer camp and harnesses that into an equally powerful experience focused on total wellness of the mind body and of course soul for adults leading busy lives. As they say, they believe in the power of joy to change the world. And we love how beautiful they are and how they help others find their own beautiful life.

What does living well mean to you?

Living well means a life of ease, excitement and joy—a life filled with encouraging, inspiring people, places and things… a life that includes both service and self care.

What makes you most happy?

Being in community with people who are consciously creating their lives makes us both so happy, fulfilled and inspired. Being with those who are taking the leaps, chasing their dreams, building a life that they wake up loving is what fills us up. Also of course, creating and perfecting the Soul Camp experience brings happiness to our souls every waking moment!

How do you find balance?

Balance is for sure a daily practice. We both take the time to shut down our computers daily, take a digital detox and (re)connect with nature and with ourselves. Self care is so important, and is also so often the first thing that goes in busy times. We are aware of this, and so we help one another make that yoga class, take that hike, book that massage, take that nap. Slow down, breathe, begin again.

Your favorite dish?

Macro & Acai Bowls!!!!!!!!

Your wish?

Going to give you a smorgasburg of wishes here…! That people remember that they are exactly where they are supposed to be – that they aren’t behind schedule or running out of time. That every single thing that has happened in their life- the good and the bad, the easy and the hard – has led to this moment. And it is in this moment that they have a choice to choose how they see themselves, their past, their current situation, and what’s possible for them. Choose love over fear. Choose fascination over frustration. Remember, we are all in this thing together. Lean on each other. Ask for help. Smile at a stranger. Believe that everything is going to be ok in the end. And if its not ok, its not the end.

And we at Farmacy say to this…AMEN Sisters! And if you are so inspired there is still time this week to sign up for Soul Camp west visit

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