Wellness Trends We’re Loving Right Now

October 05, 2016

Wellness Trends We’re Loving Right Now

There’s no shortage of resources for anyone looking to improve his or her health and quality of life. But how do you decide what’s right for you?

Here are some wellness trends we’re excited about and hope stick around for awhile!

Digital Detox
It’s not a new concept, but unplugging and going off the grid — for an afternoon, a more productive work day, a weekend retreat, or even a month — is gaining new advocates all the time. Some are even replacing a pesky Twitter/Facebook/Insta addiction with a mindfulness or meditation practice for a double-dose of renewed focus. It’s almost as if people are starting to realize that FOMO was making them miss out on their own lives! Try it; we think you’ll like it.

Continued Conscious Eating
Did you know that the first USDA certified-organic fast food chain in the U.S. recently debuted? Organic Coup was founded by a former Costco exec and food buyer, who noted that customers at the superstore were increasingly opting for organic and unprocessed foods.

Eating well and eating real food isn’t limited to health food stores and the kitchens of fitness nuts anymore, and delivery services for everything from snacks to entire meals help make eating whole, healthy foods easier than ever. We love graze or Healthy Surprise for tasty, filling snacks with high-quality ingredients, VeganCuts for the latest edible vegan products, and, of course, our local farmer’s markets and CSAs!

Even More Matcha
It’s true that matcha, or “the super green tea”, contains more of the beneficial antioxidants and polyphenols than its also green (but paler) cousin. This is thanks to different growing, harvesting and processing conditions, while the way matcha is prepared ups its wellness potency, too. The tea is also higher in the amino acid L-Theanine, which is credited with inducing the desirable-sounding state of “alert calm.”

In addition to being the superior green beverage of the moment, matcha, (which, incidentally, is the tea used for the sacred chado, or Japanese tea ceremony) also gives its fans the chance — like many popular pastimes these days — to slow down, be present, and in the moment. Unlike regular tea preparation which involves the familiar process of steeping dried leaves in boiling water, making matcha calls for hot-but-not-boiling water added to powder made from leaves, and then whisking the mixture into a tea topped with frothy foam.

Matcha is also meant to be enjoyed promptly after it is prepared. Again, it’s an of-the-moment beverage and pursuit. This one-two punch of benefits for the body and mind means matcha will continue to capture people’s attention, as well it should!

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