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Face Cleansers


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Natural Face Cleansers

 At Farmacy, we recognize the difficulty in locating face cleansers that are both clean and effective. You can be confident that Farmacy's natural face cleansers and face cleansing balms are not only clean and gentle but also effective at removing impurities. Because Farmacy is made with farm-sourced and conflict-free ingredients, you can be comfortable knowing that your choice to use Farmacy’s face cleansers will contribute to a more sustainable future.

This collection contains natural face cleansers and face cleansing balms for all skin types and skincare needs. Our best-selling natural face cleanser and award-winning  Green Clean Cleanser and Makeup Remover Balm will cleanse and remove makeup in one step while also gently exfoliating the skin. Formulated with Sunflower and ginger root oils, Green Clean melts makeup without stripping the skin of moisture. This face cleansing balm has bergamot, orange, and lime essential oil notes that make you think of a lovely beach vacation. Check out theClearly Clean Cleansing Balm for a fragrance-free alternative to this well-liked cleansing balm. For more dreamy and decadent-smelling scents, check out other limited-edition scents available!

If you are looking for a more traditional face cleanser, we recommend checking out the  Whipped Greens oil-free foaming cleanser that is perfect for combination and oily skin. Formulated with papaya extract, this natural face cleanser detoxes the skin and replenishes hydration.

Farmacy is dedicated tofostering conscious beauty through ethical sourcing and community service, including being a committed partner of Feeding America, the country’s largest organization for fighting hunger. We make efforts to cut down on waste and promote ethical production. Become a part of our continued community efforts by choosing Farmacy. Check out thefrequently asked questions if you have any, or get in touch with the skilled Farmacy team. Don’t forget you can get 15% off your first purchase, enjoy shopping!