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What Makes Our Sunscreen Different

Maybe you don’t often ask yourself what you want in a sunscreen, but we bet that if you did, it would look something like this: broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays with some built-in boosters to make your skin look and feel great. The good news? It exists, and it’s our power-packed Green Screen Daily Environmental Protector Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen.

Not only does this all-in-one sunscreen deliver superior sun protection against damaging UV rays, it also provides extra benefits to help improve the appearance of fine lines dark spots and uneven skin tone. In other words, it helps you enjoy the outdoors while reducing your skin’s exposure to damaging rays and pollution, all while beautifying your skin.

Green Screen is designed to enhance and protect the skin and uses naturally-derived, extra gentle sun shields — including titanium dioxide and zinc oxide — to provide 30 SPF sun protection without potentially harmful, damaging additives that can cause breakouts and irritation.

If that isn’t enough to entice you, Green Screen is also a safe sunscreen for people with dry skin, sensitive skin and oily skin. Naturally, it can be used daily by those with combination and normal skin types as well. Our formula checks bad stuff — including parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, artificial colors and phthalates — at the door. Farmacy skin care is never tested on animals.

You probably already know that wearing sunscreen daily can dramatically decrease your risk of skin cancers. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation says that sunscreen protects against melanoma, and regular sunscreen users reduced their likelihood of melanoma by up to 73 percent.

And, if that’s not enough to convince you to keep a stash of sunscreen in your bag at all times, consider that overexposure to the sun can cause long- and short-term skin damage, including sunburn, peeling, dark spots, sun spots, wrinkles and prematurely aged skin. Using a 30 SPF+ sunscreen daily can help keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful for the long run.

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Triple Threat: The Top Three Benefits of Green Screen


  1. Broad-Spectrum Protection — Green Screen employs a 30 SPF sun-blocking formula that provides protection from broad-spectrum UVA and UVB rays, and it may also help protect against the damaging effects of free radicals caused by ambient blue light emitted by cell phones and computers, which can lead to accelerated photo aging.


  1. Antioxidant Power — Fortified with antioxidant-rich, naturally-derived ingredients such as our patent-protected Echinacea GreenEnvy™ and natural extracts, this sunscreen is made to leave your skin looking healthy, youthful and even-toned. These supercharged additives are also great for helping to combat age-related skin concerns, such as wrinkles and dark spots.


  1. Non-Greasy and no white residue — OK, maybe we’re being picky here, but there’s nothing worse than super-greasy sunscreen that leaves a white residue and makes your skin feel slippery. Because of this, we’ve developed an easy-to-apply non-greasy sunscreen that won’t get in your way when you’re lounging, swimming or working. Green Screen applies effortlessly and leaves a lightweight, barely-there layer on the skin.


What’s Inside: The Best Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

This nourishing SPF 30 sunscreen is equipped with our unique, patent-protected variant of Echinacea purpurea. Echinacea GreenEnvy™ contains a high concentration of the phytochemical Cichoric Acid, a potent natural antioxidant that promotes an evenly-toned complexion. It’s also got a variety of antioxidants — black chokeberry and marigold extract, to be exact — to heighten the formula’s healing and nourishing properties and to improve the quality and appearance of your skin.

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Additionally, our sunscreen combines titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, two of the safest and gentlest sun blockers available. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology (ADA) recommends choosing a sunscreen with these two ingredients for use by children aged 6 months and older and those with sensitive skin. What’s more, the ADA recommends only using sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide if you suffer from rosacea or if you experience a stinging or burning sensation when applying sunscreen.

How to Use Green Screen

Although you can treat Green Screen just like you would your favorite beach bag buddy — apply it all over the body before a big day in the sun, at the pool or the beach — you should also use it as a daily protector. To use, simply apply daily over your moisturizer and beneath your makeup to ensure that you’re getting high-quality sun protection throughout the day.


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