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Do You Need a Detox? 7 Ideas to Counteract the Excesses of Summer

If you’re like many of us, your summer is probably marked by some amount of excess. Parties, vacations, concerts and family gatherings often include some indulgence. Of course, moderation is key to a healthy life, so there’s no harm in a little bit of extra enjoyment three months out of the year!

But if your body, mind and wallet are telling you to dial things back, you may want to consider a detox. These out-of-the-box detox ideas will help you flush your system — and your life — of stress-triggering elements so that you can enjoy the rest of the year to the fullest.

1. The Traditional Detox — Want to rid your body of excess toxins and buildup that can contribute to digestive issues, sluggishness and general malaise? Enter the juice cleanse! We’re big fans of the BluePrint Juice Cleanse, which uses totally delicious and organic juice kits made with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to help you purify your whole body. Cleanse for a day or a week to hit that physical reset button and start your body on a brand-new path of positive self-care and overall well-being.

2. The Digital Detox — A digital detox is exactly what it sounds like: taking a total break from technology. Last year, neuroscientists observed a group of people who were completely cut off from their devices during an experiment in the Moroccan desert. After the fact, they determined that the subjects enjoyed improved memory, better conversations, deeper friendships, better posture and new perspectives. You don’t have to travel to Africa to detox from tech, though. Take it slow with a weekend off the grid or go on a daytrip where you leave your phone at home.

friends enjoying road trip hatchback3. The Skin Detox — No surprise here, but at Farmacy, we’re super vigilant about ridding our skin — the biggest organ of the body, by the way — of harmful environmental toxins. Give your skin a much-needed detox with a daily dose of Green Clean. Our luxe makeup cleansing balm is equipped with Moringa tree extract, which can thoroughly purify and refresh skin by removing the impurities caused by pollution. Getting rid of those pore-clogging, cell-compromising environmental pollutants can leave skin clearer, smoother and better hydrated.

4. The Pantry Detox — There are fewer things in life more satisfying and re-energizing than cleaning out the pantry. You can totally detox your pantry by tossing out all of the bad stuff lined on the shelves. Get rid of preservatives, trans fats, sugars, chemicals and processed foods and replace them with hearty, whole foods and organic options. You can cleanse the soul while you’re at it when you donate any unused, unopened foods to a local food pantry or soup kitchen.

small pantry cooking ingredients5. The Cocktail Detox — When you think of detoxing, you probably think of giving up alcohol. Taking a break from booze can be a great way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle, and can help you lay the foundation for a more moderation-focused approach to alcohol. Taking regular breaks from drinking can help you rebuild your tolerance so you drink less, lower your dependency on alcohol and help you sleep better at night. You don’t have to give up tasty cocktails during your alcohol detox, though. Simply replace them with homemade, virgin cocktails, AKA mocktails.

6. The Social Detox — Surrounding yourself with good people can keep you happy, positive and healthy for the long-term. On the contrary, surrounding yourself with people who stand in the way of your self-improvement goals can really be detrimental to your overall well-being. It may sound harsh to cut toxic people out of your life altogether, so you can take it slow when you instead take more time for yourself or consider opening up to your toxic friends in a way that helps them understand your concerns.

7. The Closet Detox — Invest in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The title’s not all hot air; it may really change your life! This book will help you declutter and organize like a pro by detaching your emotions from your physical world. By clearing out your closet — or your junk drawer or your car or your makeup bag for that matter — you’ll enjoy an extra boost of happiness, clear headedness, calm and balance. Author Marie Kondo teaches how to purge with a purpose. Don’t forget to donate old and unused clothing and housewares to local charities for some extra detoxifying points.


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