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/klēn kəˈman(d)mənts/


Our foundation, our modus operandi. It represents our unwavering commitment to keeping our hands, conscience, and formulas CLEAN. That means formulating with only safe, skin-nourishing ingredients and banning those that may harm your skin (1,300+ banned ingredients and counting!), direct sourcing potent organic ingredients supporting local farms, and doing our best to preserve the earth and its resources.

These are our guiding principles that serve as our north star for all the decisions, big and small, that we make as a brand every day to give you peace of mind.

  1. No skin-sensitizing synthetic preservatives.
    May cause skin irritations and impact the environment (Parabens & formaldehyde)
  1. No irritating synthetic fragrances (Synthetic fragrance, Phtalates).
    Synthetic fragrances can cause allergic reactions and may be harmful to the environment.
  1. No harmful chemical suncreens.
    Chemical sunscreens may cause skin irritation and redness, particularly for people with dry or sensitive skin. Also known to be harmful to coral reefs and marine life when they get into the water stream.
  1. No mineral oil or petrolatum.
    Mineral oil and petrolatum can clog pores, don’t add moisture or nutrients to skin, and may contain harmful impurities that can cause allergies.

  1. No irritating foaming agents & emulsifiers (SLS/SLES, TEA, DEA, MEA).
    Found in shampoos & cleansers, foaming agents increase skin sensitivities, strip the skin’s moisture barrier, and offer no known benefit to the skin.
  1. Keep our furry & feathered friends safe.
    We never test on animals.
  1. Real, whole ingredients:
    We choose non-GMO ingredients – plants as you would find them in nature.
  1. Safe skincare for all.
    We formulate with all skintypes in mind with meticulous safety testing.
  1. One-of-a-kind ingredients straight from the source:
    Farmacy explores local farms around the world in pursuit of unique ingredients that deliver unparalleled freshness and potency. Knowing the source of its key ingredients means that Farmacy can vouch for the quality of its clean ingredients. Farmacy has partnered with organic farms in New York, Pennsylvania, and, most recently, with a farm in Northeast Brazil.
  1. NEVER stop improving
    Science evolves and new information comes to light. We have 1,390 ingredients (and counting!) that we consciously choose not to include in our formulas. We will continue to improve our standards and formulas to deliver the safest and most efficacious products for your skin’s wellness.