Skin Dew mist included as one of the magazine’s favorite face mists.

Southern Living Magazine

Sleep Tight balm included in roundup of multitasking products.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Honey Potion mask included in article about garden/spring-themed items.


Farmacy Co-Founder Mark Veeder quoted regarding beauty brand’s expanding their offerings to consumable items.


Green Clean cleansing balm named an editor’s pick for must have products in 2017.

Elle Canada

Honey Potion mask included in photoshoot about cosseting weather-weary skin.

Yoga Journal

Brightening Coconut Gel Mask included in roundup of toxin-free face masks with botanical ingredients.

Gardens Illustrated

Farmacy and Echinacea GreenEnvy mentioned in news section.


Honey Potion mask included in article on fast acting beauty masks.


Skin Dew mist included in story about tomboy beauty staples.

New Beauty

Farmacy co-founder Mark Veeder quoted on the popularity of balms.

Us Weekly

Lip Bloom spotted in actress Candace Cameron Bure’s bag

Organic Spa

Apple Rosemary Lip Bloom included in holiday gift guide.

Naturally Danny Seo

Honey Potion mask named in “Best of Beauty” roundup.

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Lip Bloom included in list of items needed for holiday party beauty prep.


Honey Potion mask included in list of beauty brands marketed towards Gen Z.

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Honey Potion mask included in article on the best beauty for each zodiac sign.

Marie Claire

Skin Dew mist included in inspiration board of emerald-themed items.


Hydrating Coconut Gel Masks and Honey Potion mask in story on face masks.


Honey Potion mask included in article on farm-fresh beauty.


Citrus Lemongrass Lip Bloom mentioned in a Beyonce “lemonade-inspired” beauty list.

Marie Claire

Honey Potion mask included in Cabin Chic inspiration board.


Featured story on Farmacy’s launch.


New Day exfoliating grains in roundup of beauty products with superfoods.


Hydrating Coconut Gel Masks included in roundup of trendy beauty items.


Soothing Coconut Gel Mask included in “Beauty Buzz” column on kale in beauty.


Sleep Tight Night Balm in roundup of products with hybrid textures.

New Beauty

Invincible Anti-Aging Serum on list of “Best Plant-Based Beauty Products.”


Soothing Coconut Gel Mask in “Beauty Tips, Tips, Tips” column.

Marie Claire

New Dawn Mask Medley named a favorite fall item of Beauty Director Erin Flattery.


Invincible Anti-Aging Serum included in “Fun, Fearless, Future of Skincare.”

Modern Farmer

Interview with Farmacy co-founder Mark Veeder.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Mark Veeder, Farmacy co-founder, profiled in Focus On/Small Business.


Brief introduction to the Farmacy brand and its backstory.