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AHA/BHA night serum for smooth, glowing skin

HONEY GLOW 17% AHA + BHA RESURFACING ACID SERUM has a rating of 4.3 stars based on 3 reviews.

Perfect For

Smoothing Texture Reducing Pore Visibility Boosting Glow

An AHA/BHA exfoliating night serum that is clinically proven to reduce the look of fine lines and pores revealing smooth, glowing skin by morning.

Size: 30 ml, 1 fl. oz

Why We Love It

Wake up to glowing skin. Instantly boosts overall glow and hydration while minimizing pore visibility for smooth, radiant skin overnight. 

5 benefits in 5 nights. Experience 5 glowing benefits after just 3 uses (used every other night for 5 nights) smooths texture, reduces pore visibility, exfoliates, boosts glow and hydrates.

Proven Results

Based on clinical + consumer panel testing on 32 subjects 

after 1 night:
Clinically proven to reduces pore visibility


agreed serum helps reduce skin roughness

after nights:


agreed the serum was potent and effective yet didn't irritate skin

Based on a consumer panel testing on 31 subjects 
after 4 weeks:


agreed pores look minimized + tightened


agreed skin’s texture is visibly resurfaced

Let's Recycle

  1. Rinse + dry. 
  2. Remove caps + recycle what you can. Remember, recycling rules vary by city, so don’t forget your check + follow your local rules.
  3. Send caps, pump parts, + anything else to us. To recycle via our Empties program, please use this link to obtain a label.

The Ingredients

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Clinical Results

Before & After

Key Ingredients

How to Use

How to Use

How To Use

Apply a layer of serum (1-2 pumps) to clean skin at night, avoiding eyes and lips.


Use 2-4 times a week. May build up to more frequent use. Slight tingling may be experienced.


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