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Farmacy Acerola Cherry

Farmacy Acerola Cherry

Acerola Cherry: Brightens + fights visible signs of aging with vitamin-c.

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Our inclusion of effective, sustainably-sourced natural ingredients doesn’t stop at our Honey or Green collections. Introducing the Farmacy Beauty Very Cherry Collection! This collection is small, but mighty. Your skin will love these products thanks to their thoughtful formulas and efficacy of its hero ingredient.

What’s Acerola Cherry?

Commonly called the West Indies cherry or Barbados cherry, acerola cherry is native to the tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere. It is not like the usual cherry you may be thinking of and is more of a berry, but it can still be eaten and has been used in medicine to naturally treat a variety of ailments. However, what stands out most about this little berry is its high concentrations of vitamin C and, in case you weren’t already aware, this makes it a majorly attractive ingredient for skincare products like the ones in our Farmacy Very Cherry collection.

Vitamin C Skincare Benefits

From brightening dark spots to providing protection from UV damage, vitamin C in skincare is a powerhouse vitamin that every skincare lover should consider. There’s so much vitamin C skincare can do! It’s a potent antioxidant that smooths fine lines and banishes free radicals from the environment. Pollution-free radicals can damage the skin and can make you more vulnerable to premature aging. It’s no wonder we dedicated a collection to acerola cherry thanks to its impressive concentrations of vitamin C.

About the Farmacy Very Cherry Collection

Those battling dull, lackluster skin can benefit hugely from this collection. Acerola cherry offers dozens of benefits for the skin that many can’t argue with, mainly due to its potent concentrations of vitamin C. The limited-edition makeup cleansing balm will gently melt away stubborn makeup at the end of your day or night and cleanse impurities caused by pollution, all without stripping the skin. It smells like summer and your skin will feel nourished afterward. Finally, our Cheer Up under-eye cream is the ultimate cherry on top, offering intense hydration and vitamin C to brighten the area and reduce the appearance of aging and dark circles.

Acerola Cherry Benefits for Skin

Acerola cherry is packed with antioxidants and is able to eliminate free radicals from the skin, making this collection perfect for city slickers exposed to the harshness of pollution and urban environments on a daily basis. It can also boost collagen production for younger-looking skin that is firm and elastic. It also has powerful healing abilities, known to protect and repair the skin. It is likely that there is still a lot that we do not know but the benefits of acerola cherry in skincare are hard to ignore — our hundreds of reviews on these products are proof of that!


If you’re looking to target those fine lines or add some life into your skin, the Farmacy Very Cherry collection is perfect for you. Not only do these products smell delicious and leave your skin feeling gorgeous, but you can rest assured that the ingredients are sensibly-sourced and cruelty-free. Additionally, all of our packages are made from 50% recycled materials with the goal of being 100% waste-free in the very near future. Shop our range of products for more on what we have to offer or get in touch!