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Clean Body Care Products

Formulated with locally-sourced ingredients, our natural body products leave your body hydrated + silky smooth!

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Clean Body Products

Body skincare often comes as an afterthought to facial skincare. Now, with the mastery of facial skincare routines, it's time to give ourselves an all-inclusive skincare regimen that goes beyond skincare that treats our face, but our entire body! At Farmacy Beauty, we're dedicated to providing a range of skincare products to address specific skin concerns, face and body included. Our clean body products tackle skincare from head to toe - and everything in between - with the same dedication to clean and ingredient-rich skincare as our facial products. From our popular Honey collection and Green collection, you're sure to find powerful ingredients and formulations to target your specific body skincare needs.

Without a doubt, our skin needs hydration inside and out. While we take care and hydrate our face daily, it's important to do the same with our bodies. The same skincare routine and steps that are taken to treat our face is the same approach that needs to be taken with our body. To optimally allow products like  Honey Butter Body, an ultra-hydrating body cream, to absorb into the skin, we need to cleanse and provide a clean canvas for any following products to absorb. Cleansing with  Bee Clean will do just that to leave the skin feeling silky-smooth with a healthy-looking glow. Following Bee Clean, incorporate our  12% AHA/BHA Honeymoon Glow Body into your body care routine two to three times a week to instantly soften rough skin, providing a luminous lit-from-within radiance! Finally, to lock in all the goodness, use Honey Body Butter to complete the routine. Honey Body Butter will provide intense full-body moisture with an antioxidant-rich honey and triple butter blend. This non-greasy body cream is formulated to soothe the skin of dryness with a never-heavy or sticky feel. With these three clean body products, you're sure to have a dependable body care routine. But, let's not forget the little things! To have complete, full-body hydration, add  Honey Butter Lip for nourished lips and  Honey Savior for multi-purpose, on-the-go moisture, and a completed body care routine.

From our Green collection, we offer body care products to keep the body fresh and clean. Our Hand Wash and Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Gel are essentials for day-to-day cleansing. Hand Wash is an ultra-strength foaming hand wash formulated with antimicrobial tea tree oil to keep the germs at bay. For a travel-friendly way to prevent the spread of germs, check out our FDA-Approved Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Gel that kills 99.9% of germs while hydrating and nourishing hands with aloe and grapefruit.

With all that can be done to give your skincare routine the boost it needs, why limit it to just the face. Start adding full-body hydration and treatment with all clean body products from our Clean Body Care collection. By enhancing your skincare routine to include your body, you're caring for all that is you! Experience the standard of clean beauty that goes beyond facial skincare to incorporate an all-inclusive body skincare regimen with Farmacy Beauty. Find your new favorite body care routine with our selection of clean body products today.