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Benefits of Using Cupuaçu Butter For Skincare

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Benefits of Using Cupuaçu Butter For Skincare

Cupuaçu butter, also known as theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, may sound like something you’d put on your toast in the morning (and you can, if you’re up for it) but it’s actually one of the most beneficial skin treatments out there. This enriching ingredient is found in some of the most time-tested skin care products — including our Honey Drop Moisturizer — because of its amazing ability to deeply moisturize, heal and combat free radicals. This potent natural skin care ingredient is jam-packed with many essential fatty acids that can help improve the skin’s moisture barrier, which encourages skin elasticity and restructuring. Give us two, please! But exactly, what is cupuaçu butter? Let's find out below!

What is Cupuaçu Butter, Exactly?

The cupuaçu is a tropical rainforest tree that is similar to cacao. It is regularly harvested from the Amazon basin in South America, including Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. Cupuaçu butter is derived from the seed of the cupuaçu tree, and is generally extracted via a cold-press method to preserve its buttery-soft texture and fatty components. It has a consistency similar to lanolin, which is derived from wool-bearing animals, so it’s often used as an excellent sustainable, vegan alternative to this product in cosmetics.

Not only is cupuaçu butter popular in eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetic products, but it’s also commonly used as an alternative to butter from cows in a wide range of baking applications. Because it features a fruity, chocolatey, sweet smell and taste and provides the same high-fat content as standard butters, cupuaçu butter is often used in making ice cream, baked goods and confectionaries. But we’re particularly interested in this sweet and sumptuous butter’s ability to transform the skin, and it provides no shortage of skin benefits in that department, either!

The Sweet Skin Booster: What Makes Cupuaçu Butter Great

As previously mentioned, cupuaçu is jam-packed with beneficial fatty acids that help improve the skin’s hydration and elasticity. The soft, silky texture of cupuaçu butter sinks deep into the pores, which also helps to ward off free radicals and other damaging environmental agents that can cause premature aging and other undesirable skin issues. Let's check out more about cupuaçu butter benefits. Here’s what we love about cupuaçu butter, in general:

  • Water Retention — This beneficial butter has the ability to retain up to 440 percent of its weight in water, which makes it a miracle moisturizer that helps lock in moisture and combat skin dryness and loss of elasticity.
  • Antioxidant Content —By now you probably already know that antioxidants can thoroughly rejuvenate your skin by limiting the production of free radicals that damage skin cells. Cupuaçu butter is a naturally rich source of antioxidants.
  • Sun-Fighting Power —Some studies suggest that cupuaçu butter can effectively absorb damaging UV rays, which can help prevent long-term sun damage. However, it’s not recognized by the FDA as an SPF, so make sure to pair it with our Green Defense sunscreen for the best level of protection!
  • Natural Emollient — Cupuaçu butter is considered a natural emollient, which means it provides properties that allow it to naturally soften, sooth and restore the skin. This butter can effectively regenerate the skin’s elasticity due to its super-moisturizing abilities and potent antioxidant content.

Give Yourself a Cup of Cupuaçu with Honey Drop

Ready to see the skincare benefits of cupuaçu butter first hand? Try it with Farmacy Honey Drop, which is fortified with encapsulated cupuaçu butter beads that melt on contact to release powerful fatty acids, including omega 3 and omega 6. Combined with cupuaçu butter’s healing antioxidants, this ingredient helps Honey Drop leave your skin feeling supremely soft and supple! Honey Drop is made with cold-pressed cupuaçu butter to preserve its potency and provide you with long-lasting moisture.

We’ve also added another super-moisturizer to our incredible Honey Drop lightweight moisturizer —hyaluronic acid. This is one of cupuaçu’s most intense natural rivals, which has the incredible ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water! With three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, Honey Drop will give your skin an instant boost of hydration, with a youthful glow and soft skin with regular use. 

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